Helping to SAVE Lives with Lightweight Individual Tactical Equipment
and Zoll AED's

LITE Tactical Solutions, LLC is proud to represent the following:
Dayton Armor®, LLC

Producing the thinnest and lightest weight rifle plates for Hard Body Armor

ZOLL Medical Products - AED's
(Automatic External Defibrillators)
for those critical moments of a heart attack

ADEN Combat Systems
Ballistic Rifle Shields - hand-held shields of various sizes

SLATE  Solutions
A Full Line Body Armor Company
Call us for more information while we construct the Slate Solutions pages

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PROTECTING our Public Safety Personnel
with the thinnest, lightest, and finest Body Armor, Rifle Plates and Ballistic Shields
with the best technology available in the world !

Producing the thinnest and lightest weight rifle plates in the world !

For more information about Body Armor Rifle Plates, call either 

Fred or Tom @ 614-706-5333

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